Hiding Your Identity Over the Phone

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Hiding Your Identity Over the Phone


Sometimes you feel the justified need to maintain your privacy over the phone; especially when dealing with strangers, telemarketers or collection agencies. Maybe you want to check up on someone you are suspicious about, or a person you just met without them knowing it is you. These are all valid reasons. Nowadays it is important to maintain a certain level of anonymity and privacy for the sake of your own security.

* Disguising Your Voice Over The Phone *

There are various voice altering products available to the general public for both for personal and business uses. They range from toys that kids play with that can change voice to sound like other voices, to ones that are used for mobile phones and can change among 4-6 different voice types.

Problems With Using Voice Changing Products To Disguise Your Voice Over The Phone

1. The cheaper ones make your voice seem false. You either sound like a computerized voice (which makes most people hang up), or the sound quality is so bad that it’s just not worth the effort.

2. They are expensive and require special equipment to attach to your phone.

However the ARE ways to change your voice over the phone and make your voice sound natural and realistic. I’ll discuss this later.

* Keeping Your Phone Number Private When Making A Call *

Things You May Not Know About Caller ID

Caller ID has been widely available for over 20 years. While it has been a great tool for avoiding unwanted calls, it has also made it harder to remain anonymous when calling someone.

– Star 67 (*67) Caller ID Phone Number Blocking

It is now possible to block your caller ID from appearing when you call someone. Instead of your name and number appearing on the recipient’s caller ID display, they now will see the words “Private” or “Private Caller”. However, this has a major drawback — more and more people who see this on caller ID will still refuse to pick up the phone.

– *67 Does Not Always Hide Your Phone Number!

What you may not know is that *67 does not always hide your number from caller ID. This is especially true when calling certain companies. The phone systems in many companies, like telemarketing companies and collection agencies, still can determine what number you are calling from and the name on the phone account! Be aware of this when you are making or returning a call to a company and you want to remain anonymous!

– “Private Call” Blocking Systems

Now some telephone companies are offering a service that automatically “blocks” calls made using the *67 privacy feature.What happens is that if you dial *67 you will get a recording that tells you that the recipient does not accept blocked calls! You then are prompted to record your name which is then transferred to the recipient so that they can listen to it before deciding to accept the call.

Boom! You can imagine how many people don’t answer those calls!

*** How To Hide Your Phone Number And Name From Caller ID And Disguise Your Voice Simultaneously ***

Its called “caller ID spoofing”. Spoofing is technology that alters the phone number and the name that appears on caller ID when you make a phone call. If you are able to spoof your phone number and spoof your name on caller ID, you can appear to be anyone you want. Just put in the name and number of someone you think the recipient will accept a call from and you have a good chance of getting your call through.

Can you disguise BOTH your voice AND the phone number and name that appears on caller ID at the SAME TIME? YES!



Source by Jake K

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