Finding a Good Voice Actor For Your Business Presentation

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Finding a Good Voice Actor For Your Business Presentation


If you’re in charge of the sales or marketing department of your company, hiring voice over talent may be a task for an upcoming promotional project. Voice overs continue to be a powerful way to communicate with your audience and target market, and are typically coupled with commercials or video promotions for a complete presentation. However, voice overs can also be used for in-store offers, to create training videos, or to produce marketing materials that pertain to your business. Here are a few business projects that may require the assistance of voice over talent:

Convention and trade show presentations: Trade shows and conferences are high-traffic events that can help you promote your goods and services, and also pitch your brand. These sales and marketing presentations are a valuable tool to get noticed and stimulate sales; voice overs can be used in conjunction with a PowerPoint or digital presentation to catch your audience’s attention and persuade them to sign up for more information.

Instructional videos: If you’re responsible for training new or existing staff members about a product, service or new technology used in your organization, a professionally-made instructional video can help you get the message across. Finding voice over talent that can convey your key points and message will help you create a polished and professional piece that can be used time and time again for training.

In-store offers and promotions: When you’re trying to promote certain products or special offers at a retail store, encouraging shoppers to take action can be a challenge. Voice over talent can read your marketing scripts with the right tone you need to stimulate sales. A well-executed promotion is especially valuable when you are trying to promote special offers, events or discounts that are only being run for a short period of time.

On-hold messages: If you’re constantly putting customers on hold when they call your company, creating an informative sales pitch can help you promote your products and services without being too intrusive. James Alburger, author of the book “The Art of Voice Acting” explains that pre-recorded sales messages can be valuable for stimulating sales while the customer is waiting to speak to a customer service representative.

Audio books on tape: One way to attract more customers to your company is to give away a product or service that appeals to them. Audio books on tape can be very valuable promotional marketing materials, and you’ll need professional voice over talent to create your tape. These audio books or magazines on tape can also be converted to a digital format for an easy download from your blog or website.

Animation: If you’re turning to different types of creative outlets for your marketing and promotions, creating an animated short or other type of digital production may help. Voice over talent that specializes in animation and digital performances have certain acting skills and traits that can help you create a professional piece.

Many different types of marketing and sales presentations require professional voice over talent in order to make them a success. Consider hiring an experienced voice over artist for your next project so you can create a compelling and unique presentation.


Source by Terry Daniel

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