Fed Up Of Getting Disturbance In Calls! Adopt VoIP

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Fed Up Of Getting Disturbance In Calls! Adopt VoIP


Do you get irritated when your phone calls get disconnected due to poor phone service? Are you fed up of getting disturbance in calls? Then it’s the high time to adopt the new and innovative technology of VoIP. In telecommunication industry, VoIP is a current buzzword and considered as a new telephony generation. Its an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol and well known as Internet telephony. The benefits attached to Voice over IP has marked it’s presence in business, corporate houses and residential users. Now, users dealing with long distance or international calls are increasingly managing and routing their calls through IP telephony.

Voice over Internet telephony allows users to send images, video and data application through same line over IP telephony. Unlike the existing circuit-switching network of PSTN, it decreases the cost effectively. Moreover, communication over Internet telephony is superior as it can absorb the noise, which results in uninterrupted communication. The VoIP telephony makes the voice transmission easier and cheaper as it uses packet switching technique. VoIP offers many benefits compared to PSTN like:

1.Saves money on longer distance and international calls

2.Access to more than one call at any time

3.Besides voice, allows the user to send video and data through same network

4.Accepts noise tolerance on routing

5.Better voice quality

6.Provides uninterrupted communication

7.Greater flexibility

8.Faster network

To avail the best services of VoIP for communicating, the user must possess high speed broadband connection, Analog Terminal adaptor and a handset. While availing the service, ATA a hardware equipment is generally supplied by the provider. This equipment is attached with standard phone and PC to make the calling easier and cheaper. The process followed by IP telephony is very easy and simple as it digitalises analog signal when routed over the Internet and before reaching destination, ATA reconverts into analog signals. Hence, calling through VoIP reduces the cost and increases the call efficiency.


Source by Kristen Kiya

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