Discover How to Create a Professional Presentation With a Production Company

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Discover How to Create a Professional Presentation With a Production Company


Every business owner desires to see his business grow. As your company grows, you might abandon some forms of reaching out to your clients and adopt new methods. One of these methods might be creating a DVD or audio visual disc that will act as a salesman for you.

However you might be unsure of the whole process and think that reaching out to your client base with a TV advert or posting a professionally created DVD is a little bit beyond your area of ​​expertise. There is absolutely no need to worry. In this article, I will highlight the various steps in the process of creating an audio-visual presentation for your client base.

From the perspective of the company who will produce this piece for you, this is how the process will pan out.

1. Initial Meeting

After they receive a phone call or email from you, they will arrange a time and place to meet you. At this meeting, they will establish what you want to achieve with the production. They may offer free advice and different ways of making your training video, advert, event etc more catchy, interesting and rewarding. They will also discuss your budget and how best they can use this to achieve a highly quality production. If you agree to use their services, you will be required to either pay a full or partial deposit

2. Research and Scripting

After the initial meeting, they will research your chosen sector and see how best to convey the message you are trying to deliver to either an internal or external audience. They will produce several scripts with storyboards so they can visually show what the final product will look like. Upon completion of this, they will call you to arrange another meeting.

3. Review

At this meeting, they will allow you to review the different scripts they have created. Your input will be encouraged in revising any changes you deem necessary. You will then be informed of when production will stay and when the finished product will be ready.

4. Pre-production

At this stage, they will add any changes from the review stage to the script. They will also assemble a cast and crew for production, visit the various locations for the shoot, ensure there are no health and safety risks etc.

5. Filming

This is where the vision is executed. Everything is filmed to broadcast quality standards with a crew of experienced professionals.

6. Editing

This is where they piece together the different footage shot to make it into a captivating and unique production that will meet your requirements. During editing, they will add animation, titles, graphics, color correction and voice over if necessary. If necessary, permission will be obtained for any copyrighted music used.

7. Duplication and Packaging

They will make the necessary arrangements for your DVD, Video or CD to be duplicated, converted (if and when necessary) and packaged. They will also undertake the design and printing.

As you can see, creating a professionally produced product for your clients is something you should consider doing if you have the resources. I would like to share more helpful tips with you.


Source by MD Chuka

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