Corporate Video Production – Creating Videos Is a Process

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Corporate Video Production – Creating Videos Is a Process


Small to large businesses need to start using video and take advantage of professional corporate video production services! Forbes reports that for entrepreneurs in all business segments (including those in health products and service industry) all signs point to increased preferences for video of all types for both consumer and business audiences in 2017. Here’s some stats on why video is so powerful for business marketing. By 2017, video content will represent 74% of all internet traffic. 76.5% of marketers and small business owners in an Animoto survey who have used video marketing say it had a direct impact on their business. Further, 4x as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it!

There’s so much data that video works for business and marketing strategy. You know the saying that content is King, and video is the king of all content.

Over the years of research, it is found that video that’s produced for the Internet is less work and should cost less than a video that’s broadcasted. No matter what is the use of the video, there is a process involved which takes time, resources and a budget.

Good quality scripting, production and editing come at a price. Creating a video is like buying a car. Each feature and element has a cost. When you walk into a car dealership you most likely know what you want to spend. The same goes for video. Providing a budget range for your corporate video production is necessary in order for the production company to provide a feasible solution. Like most things in business and life in general, what you put into something is what you get out of it.

Corporate Video Production – Process

There is a process in all creation. Video production is no different. The process of creating a great video for your business is listed below:

  1. Creative brief
  2. Script Development and Writing
  3. Pre-Production – planning, crew, location scouting, casting (if needed), scheduling, shot list(s) etc.
  4. Production – when you go to camera everything should be planned out as well as it can be. Being spontaneous and working with the flow comes in hand with production because you never know what will arise. Being prepared is key.
  5. Post Production – video editing, animations, motion graphics, vfx, audio editing, sound design/sound effects, colour correction, colour grading, sound mix and final exports.

If you are considering working with a freelance videographer to save on budget you may want to think twice because reliability, experience, resources, and the ability to complete the project on time and budget may be at stake.


Source by Paul Nandrajog

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