Cisco Business VoIP – An Answer to Unified Communication

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Cisco Business VoIP – An Answer to Unified Communication


The advent of technology never stops. There is this never-ending quest for perfection and change. Every sector is constantly changing due to the advances in the technology so that it offers something new to the general public and will keep abreast of the developing times and people. Like any other industry, the advent of technology has changed the way film-making and video gaming has evolved.

Lot of changes has happened over a period of time in the way films are made. With the modern methods employed by film makers of current times, movies of today have evolved in a way to generate more viewing pleasure to the public. Lots of options like science fiction, fantasy and animation are now available thanks to technology. The same goes to the gaming industry. In the beginning, we had only the 2D graphics and the boring audio of gaming consoles like Magnavox and Atari while we are now seeing seventh generation gaming consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 that are really captured the world by storm.

Technology has altered the outlook of People

As with any other sector, communication has also developed with the changing face of technology. Earlier means of communication was restricted to using Morse code and telegraph. Now, we have evolved means of communication that has served in bringing people all over the world together and has really made the Earth a smaller place.

The initiation of the world of communication began with the telephone. This mode of communication allowed people to talk to other people anywhere in the world in real time and were charged for the call on a minute basis or a flat rate of the entire call based on the mode followed by the service provider. Then came the mobile phones which further revolutionized the communication sector by allowing people to talk to one another even while on the move and even when the person was in any isolated part of the world provided that the service provider had network coverage in that area. So, technology has really made communication an easy and convenient resource for one and all.

The growth in communication sector has not been restricted to these devices. The beginning of the 21st century saw the entry of another powerful communication tool that has not only improved communication means it has also reduced costs to the consumer. This tool is the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP. This new tool has become quite popular in the short while that it has existed and is still growing.

VoIP is a very efficient tool in providing for better communication. It differs from the conventional telephone in that it does not rely on cables nor does it use signal towers like the mobile phone. VoIP uses the internet to allow person to handle calls. So, VoIP as the name suggests sends voice through the Internet or an Internet Protocol (IP) based network.

The popularity of VoIP boomed suddenly and is still growing because of the low cost rates it offers in terms of the setup and the regular bills every month. The basic requirement is only one VoIP infrastructure that can be further modified if more lines are needed later. The operational costs of VoIP are around 22% lesser than what is required by circuit switched networks. For this reason, the setup costs and the bills incurred by a consumer monthly is much cheaper while using VoIP in comparison to a conventional telephone.

These qualities have pressurized many telecommunication majors to move over to the VoIP system. One such organization is Cisco that offers VoIP systems to businesses to help them incorporate a common platform for their communication needs and their business processes and also to ascertain the safety of data which is sent across through this system.

The initial VoIP system provided by Cisco known as Cisco Unified Communication has become a popular communication tool not only for voice but also to send data. It provides a wonderful blend of networking safety and open application programming interface to create a proficient channel for all business communication and has made network management much easier and reduced the operational costs to the organizations.

Cisco now plans to provide a VoIP system meant to serve the needs of every common man. With this new step, they will be entering a realm of providing cost effective and a great communication tool to the entire world.


Source by John B Mayall

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