Choosing the Best Sip Providers

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Choosing the Best Sip Providers


Many people think that a SIP provider is nothing more than a method of VOIP, Voice over Internet. However, in reality, it is so much more. It is used to take communications in real time to the next level.

It goes beyond the simple level of voice and takes our communication beyond voice as well. First what is SIP? SIP is the abbreviation for a protocol known as Session Initiation. While VOIP uses this protocol, along with many others to make it work, there is so much more.

Did you know that many software programs that offer voice, video, and text, make use of SIP providers? This means programs such as iChat and Skype, use these providers to make their programs work. This allows for not only voice chatting in real time, just as if you were talking over the telephone, but also allows for video conferencing as well in the real time.

To get started using an SIP Provider, all you really need is a program and an address. This might be an IP address, SIP address, or even something as simple as your email address. What happens is that you or any person wanting to call you will enter your address into their SIP enabled software program. The provider then connects their software to your software or vice versa and voila you are ready to go.

Many SIP providers and software offer the ability to use features such as voice mail. What is great about this feature is that if you are trying to reach someone who is not currently available, you will hear their recording and have the ability to leave a message. Callers to your address have the same ability. If they leave you a message, it will be delivered right to your email as an attachment, that allows you to pick up the message at your convenience and listen to it.

SIP is taking the internet and telephone world by storm. What makes the service so great is that it can be used at a very affordable cost, which may be free or extremely cheap. Either way it is so much easier on the checkbook than your traditional telephone service that increases with each feature you have or want and with all of the fees, taxes, and other costs associated can be extremely expensive each and every month.


Source by Van Theodorou

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