Can a Web Design Company Help Improve Your Conversion Rate?

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Can a Web Design Company Help Improve Your Conversion Rate?


Getting more traffic to your website is great, but you need those people to do more than just click on your website. Traffic is merely step one. Unfortunately, most companies focus too much on just getting traffic and spend far too much money on this concept.

What is Website Conversion?

Web conversion may sound like a difficult term, but it is not difficult at all. It is simply the number of people who visit your website and follow through the point of action or POA. This may mean submitting information about their needs, downloading something, purchasing your product, or whatever it is you want people to do when they visit your website. If you sell goods online and people browse your selection or go through the motions but do not actually buy them, this is not website conversion. Your goal should be to make that website conversion rate larger. You need to look at why customers are not following through once they add items to a shopping cart or click on the form to fill out without actually submitting it. Sometimes it's just a matter of making the POA clearer or easier.

What is Point of Action?

Point of action or POA is just that – action. It's the action you want your visitors to take when they find your website. You may have many POAs, and you might have POAs that are important and some that are not as important (buying a product versus signing up for a weekly email). These are usually called primary and secondary POAs. Determining the importance of your POAs is generally a marketing job, not something you should allow a website design company to do.

In addition to POA, you should also be concerned with your website's take rate. As mentioned, there might be many people who visit your website, download a video and never watch it or add items to a cart and never buy them. To improve your take rate, you need to improve the number of people who do follow through with the POA. The best way to do this is to make the POA very clear, even if it means hiring a website design company .

What is Your Exact Web Conversion Rate?

So, given this information, how do you determine exactly what your web conversion rate is? It's very easy. Take the number of people who visit your website, let's say 100. Then take the number of people who actually purchase those items they add to the shopping cart, let's say seven. Your website conversion rate would be 7%.

How Can You Improve It?

Improving your web conversion rate can be quite simple. You can test different variables and there are dozens of ways to do this. If it sees a bit overwhelming, you might want to consider hiring a web design company. A good web design company can help you determine what you are doing right or wrong.


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