Benefits of VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol

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Benefits of VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol


In my "Ezine Articles Expert Author" opinion, the benefits of VoIP greatly outweigh those of regular old phone service. Let's get to it.

  • Your phone bill with the cable company most likely is a lot more than what you'd be paying with VoIP. Which is one of my favorite reasons to make the switch.
  • Let's be honest, calling long distance (even to family) can be a pain, knowing your paying top dollar for it. VoIP fixes that. How does free international calling sound?
  • Going on Vacation but still want to receive phone calls? No problem. VoIP can re-route your home phone number to another number (even a cell phone).
  • If you're ever harassed telephonically, by anyone, VoIP can fix that, too. Depending on the provider, you'll be able to block certain numbers.

So, how much savings are we talkin 'here?

How does $ 20 per year sound? Yes, $ 20 per year! One of the most popular VoIP providers, MagicJack, offers their service currently for $ 19.99 a year. Most other VoIP provider also gives deep discounts compared to traditional phone service. $ 20 a month for unlimited long distance calling is a bargain compared to $ 50 + a month.

Free long distance calling.

A few providers offer this, and Lingo even offers free international calling. You also have the ability with most providers to choose your own area code. If you have family out of state that you talk to often, you can make your number in their area code so it does not charge them (or you) long distance.

Bells & Whistles.

Depending on the provider you choose, you'll be able to log into a control panel. Call forwarding, re-routing, multiple ring locations, block calling and so on are all standard features for many VoIP companies.


Source by Pat Gustafson

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