Benefits of a VoIP System

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Benefits of a VoIP System


VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a general term for technology used to transmit voice communications over IP networks such as the Internet. It was developed in order to provide convenient and affordable access voice communication anywhere in the world. Consider these other benefits of a VoIP system for your business.

Services Multiple Locations
If your company has multiple branches or remote offices, a VoIP system allows you to place calls between them using extension dialing without hefty long distance charges. Each location will be able to utilize and benefit from the wide range of features provided by a VoIP system.

Saves Money
As mentioned previously, an office VoIP system can be cost-efficient and save you a significant amount of money in telephone charges. Whether you're making local or long distance calls or both, VoIP will typically be far cheaper than using a conventional landline telephone. Cost can vary between VoIP providers so do some price comparators before you choose; some offer unlimited calls while others will charge a minimal fee.

Enables Real-Time Conferencing
A conventional phone line allows just two people to communicate at the same time. Since a VoIP for business system compresses data packets during transmission allowing it to handle more data, multiple calls can be handled on just one line. You can setup conferencing with multiple employees in different locations allowing them to communicate in real time.

Transmits More than Voice
Since VoIP is based on IP (the Internet protocol), you can also transmit images, videos, and text using the system.

If your office uses an intranet or extranet, you can access the voice, fax, and data services remotely through VoIP, allowing you to work outside of the office.


Source by Claire Miller

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