Augmented Reality Branding Agency – Top Ideas to Offer a Good Augmented Reality Experience

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Augmented Reality Branding Agency – Top Ideas to Offer a Good Augmented Reality Experience


Communication, and mainly voice communication is the most important thing that defines a society. Ever since the language start developing ever since its more than 50, 100,000 years ago, humans have been looking for ways to express and interact through the senses to the outer world, creating since the very first step of communication exchange of information between AD and then BDC-etc. Language evolution was the first deteronator when inventing other tools in order to pursue certain ideals such as hunting or collecting food or simply grouping each other. Civilizations developed more and more and we started advancing knowledge through mouth of mouth or through generation to generation till we found a way to write it somewhere as it was in 1454.

The press became another milestone in the history of human communication. Press was sort of the platform for a further broadcast network in human race. In this way then, our experiences, thoughts, ideas, concepts, opinions were easily curled up in something called book. Spreading it through out a network was then easier than years before. After this then it came the telephony network having as main wings to fly: the control plane for setting up the switching circuits, and in the other hand as other important aspect, the data plane as medium where the voice flows. When the internet was born back in the late 50's after the Sputnik's event, we never knew it would develop tremendously. Nowadays when talking about Internet if we do not talk about protocols or the OSI model or Open Systems Interconnection model we would look like science fictionist trying to explain a dream.

And then it came IoT with its platforms such as others, mobile technologies and wireless internet. Circuit switched networks, wireless technologies, packet switched networks, computer telephony integration, features & apps.

Humans are constantly trying to humanize devices and robotizing so to speak human tools or objects. We build things in the physical world such as material objects like houses, buildings, cars, etc., yet we build things in the informational world with knowledge, music, movies, etc. Nowadays, we can create full informational worlds, and that informational world can clone different type of behavior of the real world.

Being aborted in our senses (hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste) is also a psychological and many times philosophical source of studies in many thinking schools of the past and the present, this can be noticed either by watching our favorite TV program or by listening a music that touches our soul so to speak. We are absorbed into memories, thoughts, feelings via an external stimulation, it's just seem like we are blocking our interfaces with the physical world.

The art of reproducing the physical world with such high quality, conviction, intensity and realism is called virtual reality, and for this it requires a huge amount of processing power (Moore's Law). Augmented reality in the other hand, is a melt of computer channeled and direct perceptions by implementing three modalities: visually, orally and haptically. From the computer channeled perception point of view the AR designer will build a set of new parameters recognized by the subject.

It seems that Facebook or other social networks will boost this trend in the next few years from now. Some experts predict an annual growth of up to 95% for this 2016 year. The paraphernalia behind its boom, the needs of the end users and why not shareholders of different companies from different fields are driving the socialization of the implementation of AR tactics into business plans.

Tips to better implementation within a brand building scope

  • AR is a tool, just like printed, web, etc., therefore the same branding guidelines you are using in other channels must be used in your AR offering as well
  • What is the engagement strategy? Because you are connecting senses + computer generated stimulation, in what part is your engagement strategy of the whole work? Obviously it will depend on what market or industry you are working from. Either retail, real estate, tourism, automotive, etc.
  • AR is mostly content. Therefore, think of it as a content strategy. Start with the basics: Write it down or create a AR briefing, write down and define the limits between the hardware and the marketing concept. Split them up and focus in themselves separately.
  • Define what will be the best way to distribute this special content, would it be either via app stores, as a b2b solution or b2c solution?
  • What is your lead generation strategy for your AR? There are quite many ideas, for example, content driven model idea, free subscription or as novel, subscribing to emails for new updates, free AR testing spots. There are many ways to increase the ROI. As you know medical education, e-stores, gaming, computing or mobiles are using the most AR.
  • Metrics! Please understand, AR is focused in a sustained end user attractiveness which never ends, users change and we must understand how they are changing and how they are reacting to your AR product. As brand builder and visual identity designer you must take into account the experience part. AR is not away from other channels; therefore, micro-moments is also applied here.

And now from the whole and holistic point of view, the company has to align all the main departments in order to create the innovation culture from within (intrapreneurial), mainly the R & D-marketing ones.


Source by Henry Alzamora

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