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VOIP is a hot topic these days, but what exacty is VOIP and VOIP service? It is a method of using the internet to carry phone calls. The term, “VOIP”, stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol.

Why use a VOIP service? Probably cost is one of the main considerations as VOIP is less expensive than many other telephone service options. The cost of VOIP service is similar to the cost of sending email. You must pay to have an internet service, but after that, your usage is free. In some instances, savings of up to 90% over regular long distance and other telephone services can be recognized.

Can my business use VOIP service? Anybody with an internet connection has the basic capability to use a VOIP service, and benefit from the cost savings associated with VOIP.

Can VOIP be used for long distance calls, and how about international long distance? Certainly. In fact, that is one of the primary arguments in favor of any VOIP service. The savings can be quite significant when a VOIP service is used for business or personal long distance calls. If you are now making international long distance calls for businesss or personal reasons, you should see immediate savings on your long distance telephone charges.

Is VOIP legal. Yes, it is a legal and acceptable alternative to standard telephone and long distance calling systems.

Will DSL or Broadband access enhance my VOIP service? Absoulutely. high speed internet services, such as DSL or Broadband, allow the use of multiple phone lines. This would be of particular importance to a business user.

Would VOIP work for an internal business network? As a matter of fact, many businesses have used it successfully for exactly that purpose, in addition to using it for external business contacts.


Source by Donovan Baldwin

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