5 Reasons Why You Need an AV Display at Your Next Event

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5 Reasons Why You Need an AV Display at Your Next Event


Have you ever been to a corporate dinner or function and wonder why you were so bored? Chances are they'd skipped out on the AV display and stuck with playing some boring music on the in-house stereo system and expected people to like it. An audio visual display will give your event exactly what it needs. With a pre-programmed, well thought out display, you can rest assured that your guests will be entertained all night long. Here's a few good reasons why you should always invest in a quality audio visual display for your next event.

The Wow factor. Imagine arriving at an event, shuffling through the doors to the unsurprising sights and sounds of quiet chatter and people drinking. Boring. Now imagine arriving to a room lit with swirling colors and noise, a jamboree of audio visual entertainment. Nothing will set the tone for a night better than making sure your guests are excited to be there the moment the arrive. Putting thought into your display shows you care about your guests, and who does not take notice of that?

A load off your shoulders. Having an audio visual company taking care of all things sight and sound related will take a huge load off the event manager's burden. With planning time you can have everything you need ready and put together by experts. Relying on separate companies for video production and display respectively is bound to cause problems.

Smooth running. Your AV display can act as your own personal event assistant. In-building cues into your display to accompany your schedule is easy.

Extra element. Speeches are enhanced by accompanying video or graphics. If your event is an awards ceremony, having a graphic of the person receiving the award or what they're being awarded for is a huge benefit.

Extra entertainment. Having an AV display not only adds that special something to an event. It can also act as a babysitter for the event, providing entertainment for gaps in the evening's schedule when nothing is happening. Perhaps it can play light background music or a video while your guests eat, and later on can provide entertainment that fully captures their attention, like dancing music.

Whether your event is a corporate dinner, a wedding or a birthday party, having an audio visual display will ensure that you're providing your guests with a night to remember. Remember, if you do not wow your guests, your event will be just another night.


Source by Michael S Ward

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