5 Reasons For Using Professional Voice Over in Your Next E-Learning Project

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5 Reasons For Using Professional Voice Over in Your Next E-Learning Project


Whether developed by an established company or by a smaller, freelance operation, a professional voice talent can add the perfect finishing touch to even the best educational material. After all, the audio portion of the e-learning module will be just as noticeable as the video portion. Once the script and video presentation have been perfected, it does not make sense to cut corners on the most noticeable portion of a new e-learning module.

1. More Professional

Nothing will scream cheap amateur production more than shoddy audio quality. While many laymen may have good speaking voices, they do not always provide professional sound quality when recorded. Sensitive electronic recording equipment will often pick up small speech problems that were never noticed before. With professional voice talent, the speaker offers proven audio quality. There's a reason that professional commercial and documentary producers pay premium prices for popular actors with recognizable voices to narrate their films. Without professional audio quality, even the well-produced and directed video will appear to be the work of an amateur.

2. Attention Grabbing Material

Does the educational content really matter if no one is paying attention? Everyone remembers having a teacher that they simply tuned out most of the time. If the audience is bored or irritated by the audio portion of an e-learning package, it will not matter if it contains the secrets of the universe. The student will soon stop listening or turn the recording off completely. While no one can guarantee that the educational material is exciting to everyone, professional voice over can decrease the chances that the audio portion will lull the listener to sleep.

3. More Effective Learning Environment

A professional narrator can help ensure that the student not only hears the information, but that they thoroughly understand the material that is presented. Voice quality will help the audience recognize key points and increase the percentage of information that is retained. An experienced narrator will know how use just the right emphasis on key words to engage the student. They will make sure that their voice matches the visual presentation perfectly without jumping ahead or falling behind. The information will flow naturally and will more closely simulate a live classroom experience. While a real-life professor can gauge their student's level of understanding and adjust their lecture accordingly, an e-learning course will need to rely on the best voice quality available to provide an effective learning experience.

4. Faster Production Time

Although professional voice talent may cost more than using someone who's already on staff, it can actually save money by cutting down on the production time. An experienced narrator will require less direction and will be more likely to provide the desired effect with only one or two takes.

5. Increased Sales

When potential customers are comparing e-learning options, they will usually read reviews written by students who have used the modules. If they find that others found the material to be boring or contain poor audio quality, they will quickly move on to the next option. On the other hand, when they find that others found the e-learning process to be fun and easy to use, they will be more likely to choose your product. Students will typically select their next e-learning product from the same company that provided a positive learning experience in the past.


Source by Mony Raanan

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