3 Mistakes Internet Marketers Make When Producing Promotional Videos

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3 Mistakes Internet Marketers Make When Producing Promotional Videos


There are many mistakes online marketers make when creating videos to be distributed to the public, including 3 huge ones that everyone bought to be aware of including:

1. Poorly Written Script
2. Cheesy Graphics and Transitions
3. Bad Voice Over

Fortunately with some planning these mistakes can all be avoided.

In a mere matter of minutes, you'll find out how to preempt these offenders and kick them to the curve before setting out to make your video.

Offender # 1: Poorly Written Script

Why it's a problem: The script or copy is the backbone of the entire video and often dictates the imagery that is used, how the brand is presented as well as how the voice over is performed.

How to avoid this problem: Make sure that the script is written by a good copywriter and that the video has a storyboard. You'll need to have a beginning, a middle (usually the meat of your video) and an ending. Think about the purpose of the video, your core message and who that message is targeted to. By writing a compelling story and directing it at a receptive audience, you've cleared one of the biggest hurdles in your path.

Offender # 2: Cheesy Graphics and Transitions

Why it's a problem: Just as your wardrobe is telling of who you are as a person, the images you use and transitions that move your video along will be just as revealing of your company, service or product. If you use cheesy images and dated transitions, viewers will see your company in the same light, even if it is not deserved.

How to avoid this problem: Find a stock photo site where you can purchase professional images cheaply that will brand your video and give you a touch of class. Use images and transitions that support your script and add another dimension to your presentation. There are some amazing images out there at sites like iStockphoto.com that you can buy for as little as a dollar a piece, which I think you'll agree is worth the investment, especially when you consider that your audience will judge your company and offers based upon the graphics in your video.

Offender # 3: Bad Voice Over

Why it's a problem: Within a mere 3 to 5 seconds (sometimes even less!), Viewers will have made up their minds about your video largely based upon the voice you selected to record your script. If it's not the right voice for the job, it'll turn your audience off faster than any other production element.

How to avoid this problem: Voice over should be the final element added to your video. Once you have finished the script, chosen the images and have paired the appropriate text with the appropriate accompaniment imagery, go ahead and hire a professional voice over talent to narrate your script. Do not get Harriet from your company's Accounting department or Uncle Ned who is known for his "great voice" to record your voice over, that's asking for trouble and nearly always, a bad voice over. To avoid this pitfall, go with a pro! You'll be able to find professional voice talent quickly online at sites like Voices.com. This website connects you directly with freelance professional voice talent in a number of ways including posting a job and various methods of search.

Now that we've identified the top 3 offenders in online video production, talked why they pose serious threats to the success of your video, and discovered how you can overcome these potential pitfalls with a little planning, you can make your video with confidence and the satisfaction that you're putting your best foot forward and giving your audience a quality viewing experience.


Source by David Ciccarelli

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