3 Aspects of In-House Video Production

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3 Aspects of In-House Video Production


There are statistics all over the Internet that show just how powerful audiovisual content is. CISCO’s report ‘Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology 2014 – 2019’ indicates that audiovisual content will be driving 80% of internet traffic by 2019.

You may be considering incorporating film into your marketing campaign. You may also be wondering how other brands are able to create such amazing and compelling videos. Compelling clips can be produced by small creative teams working in-house. You can achieve the same success by building your own in-house group of workers by ensuring that the following aspects are in your operation.

Hire the right people for video production

Your creative team doesn’t have to be large to achieve great results. However, it does need to have the right kind of talent. This means having a good mix of skills. You may want to consider having a creative director, producer/project manager, copywriter and an audiovisual content editor at the very least on your team.

The skills you include in your creative squad will depend on your goals for your productions. Your budget will also affect the composition of your team. One way of cutting down costs is by hiring a highly skilled videographer by investing in professional video productions services.

Create a culture that supports your video production team

While many marketing videos may seem short and simple, a lot of time, effort, and research go into their making. Getting the required message across to your target audience in a short clip means engaging them quickly and making sure that your message is clear. If you’re serious about marketing your brand through videos and want to get the best possible results, ensure that the internal audiovisual content making process is refined as much as possible.

After assembling your squad, you now have to provide your talent with what they need to be inspired and create compelling work. This means that you should account for the pre-production. This includes all that goes into planning and making an effective video e.g. research, travel, planning meetings, script writing, storyboarding and creative briefings. You also need to account for the time required for production and editing as well as the resources needed for a high-quality video.

Get Passionate about the Making of Audiovisual Content

Passion is something that many entrepreneurs understand. In order to be successful at something, you need to be passionate about it. If you want your efforts to yield positive results, you have to commit to the process and dedicate some of your passionate energy to it.

This can only happen if you and your team believe that the message you’re sharing with your target audience is important and worth sharing. It means creating a culture in the group that will get every individual to commit to the production process.

You can achieve great results by seeking professional video production services to support your in-house team’s efforts. This ensures that you have a good mix of talent, resources, and skill to make compelling videos. You’ll also have access to the best and latest technology for better quality productions. A good video production service can help you increase your influence in your niche market and grow your business. That said, keep improving the skills of your in-house team through training and involving them in different projects.


Source by Paul Nandrajog

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