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There are billions of videos currently on YouTube. Users upload an average of 300 hours of video every minute. This is the testament to the rising popularity of online audiovisual content. However, this doesn’t mean that every single visual content uploaded to the internet is effective. There are billions of videos on YouTube and over 1.5 billion users logged in monthly. However, only 10, 113 films have received more than 1 billion views.

There are billions of online audiovisual content that don’t get any views. As a videographer, you’ll want your content to be noticed. You’ll want your target audience to get the message by watching your films. This isn’t easy especially with the flood of content currently on the internet.

Great tutorials for the budding videographer

As a videographer, you have to sharpen your skills in order to produce good quality films. The following tutorials can help you learn the skills you need to improve your videos.

  1. Knoptop’s One man band DIY- You don’t need a large crew to achieve great quality in your films. If you don’t have a large crew or are a one-man crew, Knoptop should be top on your list for tutorials. He shows you the basics of working on your own including how to secure audio that is wind resistant as well as how to stabilize your camera with your strap. These tutorials will show you how you can be your own director, audio engineer, and cinematographer.
  2. D4Darious’ Shot Composition- Framing and composition are vital if you want to get those great captivating shots. D4Darious offers a great tutorial on composition and framing. This tutorial includes a glance at the lead room, head room, and lower-thirds. It shows you how to look for subjects in a frame for that perfect shot.
  3. FilmRiot’s Basic cinematography- FilmRiot offers a wide range of tutorials that teach the basics of videography. You’ll benefit especially from their tutorial on lighting, which shows you how to use natural light as well as lamps to get that perfect shot.
  4. Casey Neistat ‘s Guide to filmmaking- Want to learn from a filmmaker who has risen to the top of the ranks while relying on minimal resources? Casey Neistat shows you how to get professional looking films without all that expensive gear. He shares with you what it took to become a YouTube sensation.
  5. DSLRGuide’s Channel ‘s How to make videos look professional- If you want to learn about the entire production process and everything in between, visit the DSLRGuide’s Channel. This is one of the best channels on YouTube for a budding videographer. Their tutorial on how to make your audiovisual content look professional teaches about framing shots in pre-production in order to determine what your footage will be like before you even get on set. Good preparation in the pre-production phase reduces your workload and mistakes in the actual production stages.
  6. CineFix’s 5 moments of camera movement– CineFix is a great resource for those who want to achieve the best by taking note of the details. This tutorial shows you how to achieve the effects that many mainstream films have, but on a budget. The lessons show you how to apply camera movements that are invaluable to any filmmaker and engage your audience.
  7. No Film School is a great all-around resource- No Film School covers a variety of topics from how to film, scripting, production and post-production tips, no budget solutions and equipment. A great all-around resource for any filmmaker.


Source by Paul Nandrajog

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