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Voiceover Contract

Please read carefully Terms & Conditions before completing registration.

Agencia de Locutores SC is a Spanish company headquartered in San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid), at  Calle Nicolás Serrano 7, dedicated to the development of audiovisual projects in all languages.

Our providers will need to be legally authorised to issue invoices for their works. For providers located outside of Spain but within the European Union, they must be registered with the Register of Intra-Community Operators (VIES).

All of our voice talents will need to have their own home studio to perform the recordings with a minimum of professional quality.

Except for projects that have specific technical requirements, recordings should be submitted in Wav or Aiff, Mono formats, and at least at 44,100 Hz and 16 bits.

As you will see in the Rates annex, these are approximate prices for our clients. It is not always possible to apply them since each project is studied individually according to the complexity of it. Out of the final amount agreed upon with the client, our providers will receive 60%. The remaining 40% will be allocated to the following items:

  • Project management
  • Audio review and edition QA
  • Marketing and promotion for  International Voiceover Agency
  • Maintenance of the platform
  • Legal advice and management
  • Protection of payments
  • Company profit

Payment method: all invoices will be paid no later than 30/40 days since their reception via bank transfer for European Union providers, and through PayPal for providers outside the European Union. We do not pay for PayPal commissions.

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